Monday, August 3, 2015

Training (x3)

June 29, 2015

Buen dìa!
Cuanto les quiero!
I am such a happy missionary!  So happy I don't know where to start...
Well last Monday we played soccer, Elders against members, it was a ton of fun.  As I stated previously, Presidente Alexander Flores is the BEST!  Hes my branch president and hes literally my best bro ever.  He knows how to work hard, play hard, get results, and love the people.  Such a champ.  He played with us:)  If you find him on Facebook you can see a pic he posted of us playing soccer!
I had a great exchange this week.
The highlight was probably the lesson we had Wednesday with the Gareca family where they said, "So, we got our answer.  When can we be baptized?"   YES!  July 11th baby.  They are so excited to participate, Sister Gareca volunteered to make bread for 60 sandwiches and help prepare them for a branch-wide FHE that we'll have this Wednesday in the chapel.  ¿What?  ¿She's volunteering more that our branch council and isn't even a member yet?  Stay Golden pony boy.
So as you can guess from the title, I have been assigned to train yet another new missionary!  I am freaking stoked!  Honestly, it was a bummer to leave Elder Gomez, he's such a humble and great happy go lucky guy.  It's weird for me to have a companion for only one transfer!  Today as the transfer date, so Elder Gomez already left for Santa Cruz, and in 30 minutes I'll be flying to SC too for Mission Leadership Council.  Pdte. Asked me to help in the office Tuesday with the arrival of the new elders and sisters, and Wednesday I'll find out which newbie is mine!
To give you a bit of an idea, the work here Bermejo has improved so much in these past 6 weeks.  What is super cool, is that of the 8 new elders that are coming to the mission this transfer 4 of them will be coming to Bermejo!  Or in other words, All of my district will be training!  We are 4 companionships, and we will be made up of 4 old elders, and 4 brand new elders!  Pdte. has never done this before, looks like the Lord has big plans for my little district!  I couldn't be more stoked!

This is His work, and He shares His joy with us as we help in all that we can do.
Elder Bender

 IT was SO COLD!  I put on all my winter gear and drank hot mate to not freeze during my studies.  It isn't so cold now though, I am back in a short sleeve!  haha
Found some pretty flowers on a tree that reminded me of those famous red Christmas flowers... Don't remember their name, but it seems to be about the same thing!

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