Monday, August 3, 2015

Que WeekANGO!

July 6, 2015

This week was LEGIT!

Monday evening and Tuesday morning I participated in Mission Leadership council.  It went really great.  In all honestly I love working with members and all the training we do to know how to work better with the members, but I also love accountability.  I love zone conferences and MLC's best when we just talk about how WE can work harder and better.  It makes no room for people to throw the blame on the members - as missionaries we just have to work our Books off!  I like that.

Tuesday at 2pm I was assigned by Pdte. Willard to help with picking up the new missionaries!  It was a ton of fun using all my past secretary experience to make this transfer the best one yet.  I gave all the newbies their "Welcome to the Mission Powerpoint" and just hyped them all up to go out and baptized while Pdte and the rest of the office was busy doing visa work and transfers.  Legit.  I love new missionaries so much!  They are so innocent and just full of faith.  This transfer there were 8 new Elders and 13 new sisters.  Muchas hermanas che!  As I stated before, half of the new Elders are destined to be born Bermejeños.  DOPE!  So many newbies = So many baptisms!

Wednesday we had our trainers training meeting, it was great.  However out of the 21 trainers, I was the "oldest"!  It felt so weird!  I feel like I am just getting started still!  Sad)=

Anyways, after about 2 hours of training us, (keep in mind this has been my 8th trainers meeting, 5 as I worked in the office, and 3 as a trainer) President changed up from his normal routine of having the newbies walk in and sit apart from the oldies and then couple by couple announce whose with who.

This time he told us all (the trainers) what our new companions name is, and had us stand up`by the pulpit.  As the newbies came in he called them out one by one and then their trainer walked back to meet them (it gave it a feel as if your trainer already knows you, it turned out cool.)  Anyways, when Elder Lozano walked into the chapel before president even announced his name I knew he was mine (because I met them all and been with the all day the day before not know which would be my comp.) I ran down and gave the kid the biggest hug!  

My companion Elder Lozano is DOPE!  He's a machine.  He came pretrained.  He's from Texas, El Paso, but comes from Latino parents so he speaks perfect Spanish.  #dreamcometrue #bestofbothworlds.

We have been straight killing it these last few days, and hes probably going to end up being my favorite companion of the mission!

The Gareca family passed their baptismal interviews last night, get ready for some whitepics next week!  #lovetobaptize

It's been one of the best weeks of my mission!  I hope this transfer never ends!

I have seen Christ's hand in so many moments, I give my thanks to Him for these many blessings.

Elder Bender

My companion and I in Cochabamba, we had a layover there in route to Tarija.
 Kicking it with the "Trufi"   - Those Japanese mini vans FLY!
 With the District in Pizza Eli's in Tarija before heading down to Bermejo.

 The district at "Angostura" a famous bridge that's on the way from Tarija to Bermejo.

My companion Elder Lozano and I at Angostura

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