Monday, August 31, 2015

One year older, and happier too!

Dear family and friends,

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  I was especially peppy in replying to each one of them, so this general letter will be a shortie!

The best part of the week was cooling off in the baptismal font with the Cazon Family!  It was probably one of my favorite baptisms I've had. It was themed about the temple.  The Cazon family travels to Cochabamba (where the temple is here in Bolivia) frequently for their work, and they will be doing baptisms for the dead in September!

As a mission we are getting ready for Elder Juan Uceda from the 1st quorom of the 70 to come in a week and a half.  It'll be a life changing experience!  I am convinced that in a month he'll be an apostle too!  It's about time for a Latino apostle.

Elder Bender

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