Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Work of Salvation

September 7, 2015

Such a special week!  Hey, the weather even cooled off for a few days too!  Probably the best birthday present;)

On Monday we had a super Asado (BBQ) with the district after playing an intense soccer game.  A bermejeño classic!  Soccer and Meat!  

Tuesday we drove to Tarija early in the morning to get to our Zone Conference and interviews with the mission president.  It was a fantastic zone conference that truly changed my life.  We prepared for it studying about the Light.  Light from Christ is tangible and easily measurable in one's own life, and its a precious commodity that we can easily gain, or loose depending on simply daily decisions. After the conference President asked for my district to stay back after all had left, and then said, "Today is Elder Bender's birthday!  Let's take him and his district to lunch!"  Haha I love President Willard.  So sneaky!  So we went to a way to nice restaurant with an all you can eat sides buffet, and yes, more great meat.  I had a great interview with President, and really nothing makes one feel better than knowing that God is happy with what one is doing.  God helped me to feel at peace knowing I am truly giving my all, each and every day.  President Willard is the best!
When we had returned from from Tarija we were blessed to teach two great lessons in the hour and a half we had left.  We taught the Gareca family (they still are the best converts ever!  So much faith!) and the Vilca family!  (The best investigators ever!)

Wednesday, Nephi's prophecy (2 Nephi 28-29) was fulfilled in just about every lesson. So many people that hated on the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  As Moroni said, Joseph`s name would be held for good and evil, and more and more for evil as our Redeemer´s second coming closens. 

My district meeting on Thursday was focused on preparing ourselves and our investigators for the district conference where Elder Uceda will preside this next Sunday!  This is big news, in 40 plus years of the church in this pueblo, this is the first time a general authority will be visiting! Kind of a big deal... ;)  ¿Bermejo Stake?
I had a great exchange with Elder Evans Thursday and Friday.  One plus was running with him in the AM!  I set a PR, 6k in 22:20.  I hope Kaylee is training!

Saturday was very special.  Micaela Teran was baptized.  We sang a special musical number with Efrain Vargas, the World's best Mission leader.  He rocks.  She cried. #wesinggood

Honestly I just love the work of Salvation!  Sunday was full of ordinances.  The Sacrament, a confirmation, a baby blessing, and ordination of Roque Cazon to the Priesthood. 

¿Could this work be any more perfect?  I know is perfect because is His.  He guides His church.  We are His servants (friends).  What a blessing that is.  ¡Que se llenen con luz esta semana!

Elder Bender

View from our 3rd-floor apartment

 For the Bermejo foundation day (24 de Agosto) Everyone marched in celebration, even Bolivia's fiercest Marines

                                                  A random apostate march for some "virgin"
                                                    The Cazon Family baptismal pictures

                                                             The patio after a baptism!
                                            Elder Lozano and I last Monday with the prized meat.
                                                Another meat picture, Argentina's best.

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