Thursday, September 24, 2015

Work righteously for your own incentive

September 21, 2015

Good day family and friends! 

Today is the beginning of Spring here on the Southern hemisphere. Fun fact.

This week I recognized I was behind on my goal for contact 1000 people, and contacted about 16-22 a day to get back caught up, but I did!  I have contacted a bit over 500.  

We worked really hard this week with Teofilo Nina trying to get him prepared to be baptized, and more than anything have a very strong testimony of the Book of Mormon.  He even had his baptismal interview and passed, however he'll need to be included in everyone's prayers that way he can gain a strong confirmation of the truthfulness of that book in order to be baptized in October.

Sadly, my time with Elder Lozano was cut short, and he received a call from the assistants Tuesday and they said that he would be needed in Santa Cruz to finish training a missionary who has 5 weeks in the field (he has 11 weeks).  Elder Lozano is a stud and I know he'll kill it!

I was made companions with Elder Ramos for the time being until Sunday, when all the mission was informed of their transfers, and what a surprise, Elder Bender will being training a new missionary!  Once more.  =)  I am content, I love training!  It strengthens my faith.

I thought I'd share a special miracle story with you all: 

Monday I contacted a lady walking with her 14 month old daughter.  Her name is Benita.  She was very shy when we chatted, but we managed to set a visit for Wednesday.  Tuesday we were informed of the temporary transfer that would happen in my area, and that Wednesday morning we had to wake up early and drive to Tarija to make the transfer.  I was full of emotion leaving Elder Lozano, he has been a great companion, and will be a life long friend.  Elder Ramos was to be my temporary companion, and with the emotions of leaving a buddy, being with a stranger as a companion, and having only 4 hours of sleep in me, when it came time to go to the visit we had set with Benita at 3pm, I thought, "She isn't going to be there, she was really shy and probably only set the visit because of shyness.  Anyways, no one is in their home at 3pm on a Wednesday."  "Plus my companion has to unpack his stuff, it's hot out, and even if Benita is there, her husband probably won't be." (without a man in the house it's prohibited to enter and teach her alone).  "We are better off just going to our lesson for 4pm"

Did the spirit prompt me to go?  No.  Did I know from 23 months of being a diligent missionary that I SHOULD GO, yes.  Were the chances of actually teaching the lesson high, obviously not. Did we go?   Yes.  

Benita was there, Beto, her husband was too.  They let us in, they accepted a baptismal date, and Beto informed me that he just stopped attending his evangelical church because of some false doctrines that were taught there.  He felt that we were an answer to his prayers.

I know God lives, and I know that he TESTED ME but not flooding me with the spirit to inspire me to go, better yet He knew that I have been a diligent servant and I knew I must go.  I know that God wanted more than anyone else for us to be the answer to Beto´s prayer, but it was up to ME to act.

May we be quick to act, and work righteously in the service of our God, is my prayer and earnest desire for all of you this week.

Elder Bender

Being the Homecoming Queens brother, does that make me royalty too?
Good work Kaylee, we all love you!

                                                     Last district meeting of the transfer

Fun district pictures, Rene Santos came to district meeting with us, the dude is a stud!

 We brought new ties and got them imprinted with our names of all the trainers and trainees who were together for 12 weeks!  Good times, BERMEJO

I took a picture of my proselyting card on the date that says I am finished as a 'minister'. Well, I still have 1 month to go!

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