Monday, September 28, 2015

A historical week!

This is going to be, and has been a historical week! (Well, really they are two weeks but whatever...)
1) A bloody moon eclipse:  Who saw it?  Dad says it happens once every 30 years.  Seeing that Christ hasn't returned yet, looks like we got another 30 years to get prepped ;)
2) 3 New Apostles:  This Saturday we will sustain them.  That's cool, it'll be the first time since 1906 that 3 apostles have been called and sustained in the same conference!  Will there be any non-Americans? I think yes.
3) A new companion:  Yes!  Last Monday and Tuesday I was in Santa Cruz for Mission Leadership council meeting, and Wednesday I met my new companion, Elder Hecker from Las Vegas Nevada!  He's only 6 months older than Kaylee, (that weirded me out to think about!) and has a strong testimony of the restored gospel.  He was in the Provo MTC for 6 weeks, and I officially think it is the LEAST effective MTC in Spanish language training.  In Bogota I felt like I learned a lot more than my first two weeks in Provo MTC, and the Elders I meet that come from the Lima and also from Buenos Aires MTC's are well prepared in the language.  The few that are coming out of Provo seem to have less experience.  NEVERTHELESS, We are getting sore about that now are we?  Hay que trabajar no mas!  We are working with more faith, than ever before, and we are getting along greatly.  However we'll need your prayers for the Vilca family, and in general that our investigators can come to general conference and receive testimonies there.  Teofilo Nina seems to be getting less interested, which bums me out, he was basically in the water before hand, but with prayers I know he'll come around.
4) 20 years of the "Family - A Proclamation to the World":  Yup, on the 23rd of September she had her birthday.  So to celebrate I have set the personal goal to give out a ton of those documents to try and save more families in this decaying world.  I also have set the goal to memorize it... probably in English!  I haven't started yet, but this week I'll begin:)  Who'll join me?
I love ya'll mucho!
√Člder Bender

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