Monday, October 5, 2015

To Witness

General Conference was fantastic!  And it came just in time! :)

So much has happened in so little time - Changes!

Last Sunday (8 days ago) a missionary from my district was transferred out early, and his companion Elder Newmans, stayed with Elder Hecker and I in a trio for this entire week.  We were covering two areas for the week, Miraflores, and also Bolivar.  We were tearing things up the first two days, with double digit lessons and new investigators, MIRACLES left and right (all in the Miraflores limits). President Willard called me and informed me that our mission is lacking Elders, and that he felt impressed to instead send sisters to Bermejo to fill the holes.  He didn't want there to just be one lonely companionship of sisters, so he sent 2, now my district is made up of 4 elders and 4 sisters.  Sad I was to know that I would be transferred from my favorite branch on earth, Miraflores, and spend the rest of my mission in Bolivar.  (Mostly because Miraflores is safer and prettier and wealthier.)  I am not quite in Samaria type living and teaching, but close!

I know there is a reason why God wanted this change made, and I am excited to starting working in a new area that neither of us know!

Great news is that the new sisters that are in my district (that will actually be arriving in Bermejo in 2 hours) The ones that will be taking our place in Miraflores have two baptisms set up for this Saturday the 10th.  Teofilo Nina (thanks to your prayers) will be baptized, and also Martina.  I dearly love them, and all of Miraflores!

One of the struggles this week after learning of the transfer, was finding a suitable house for 4 sister to live in.  We found a beautiful house, great price, and it was perfect, one problem.... its on the 3rd floor.... fetch.  Moving all their stuff was a pain!  I am ready to be in Elders Quorum now, sign me up for the mover's team!

We were able to listen to General conference in English in all the sessions except for Sunday afternoon, and that was a true blessing for Elder Hecker!  He said to me like 3 minutes into it, I'll just wait for the Ensign to come out to read these", then ducked his head down to rest... haha poor guy!
He is great though, super positive and funny.  He reminds me of Jared, and is Kaylee's age!  bahaha.

I invite you all to ponderize with me The Family a Proclamation to the World!  ¿Lo haràn?

In General Conference I noted how often the authorities say that they "witness" in stead of that they "know".  I came to think, and commented to my companion, "Because they are special witness` are they the only ones allowed to say that they witness things in their testimonies?"  We can only say know when the spirit has manifested it to us, and we can say witness when we have seen the truthfulness, or fruits of a gospel principle. 
After pondering 2 years of consecrated service to Him, I can say that I know He Lives.  I witness His power to heal physically and spiritually.  I witness that the Holy Ghost speaks, warns, guides, and calms.  I witness the power of charity and love to change lives, behavior and character.  I witness that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, for only the word of God can work such potent changes in His children's lives.     

-Elder Bender

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