Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Where's Waldo?

October 12, 2015

This week was very refreshing, after working in trio, and having to move stuff around a bunch and do preparations for the sisters to come, it just felt so good to work a solid week without interruptions! :) 

I am learning lots of patience, I felt as though my previous branch was really up to par with the work of salvation, retention, activation, baptisms, priesthood advancements, etc.

It seems as though in this new branch none of that has been common.  Its very notable how the faith of the members as a whole changes the results of the work.  

However many miracles have happened!  Starting off with; its been cooler weather!  Also a great future missionary who was receiving the missionary lessons in Tarija was able to pass his baptismal interview, and he asked me to baptize him this Saturday!  I felt that was especially cool, because I had set up baptisms for the Sisters in Miraflores, God has set Rene up for us, that way right when he moved we'd be ready to harvest!  Legit.  God is a just God.

We had a crazy experience, we found a GREAT family, the Vilca family, here in Bolìvar.  They accepted baptism, and also to attend church.  We picked them up early to come to church (because we enter at 7:30am) and they were waiting and ready to go!  However because they have a young baby, they went the two parents, and the baby on their little motorcycle and said they would meet us there.  Awesome!  So they obviously beat us there.  We got to the church, saw their bike out front, went into the chapel and they were NO WHERE to be found!  Hmm.. That's odd, so instead we decided to go to the near by Sunday Market and walk through to see if they had gotten distracted buying stuff on the way to church.... Nada.  So we entered into the meeting hoping they'd come in later.  After the sacrament had been passed, we went out side again, their bike was STILL THERE, we spent another 20 minutes running through this market looking for them!  Nothing.  
Anyway, you are probably wondering where the Vilca family was hiding, SO AM I! In the end we never found them, yet ALL OF CHURCH their motorcycle was out front!  It may have been the most frustrating thing all week! haha.  We are praying more specifically this week that they'll not only get to church but get inside the church!

I love you all so much!
-Elder Bender 

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