Monday, August 3, 2015

Goals Goals Goals!

July 27, 2015

I was very happy to hear from Mom and Kaylee that they had such a great experience at girls camp!

This week went by way to fast!  I feel like the higher my goals are, the faster the time flies because I have so much to do in so little time!

Elder Lozano is the best.  Hes got tons of faith and is super hyped to just work his tail off.  He is great.  We set the goal to have 15 investigators with a baptismal date by the end of this week and 20 investigators at church!  Woot!  In other words, we are going to work our tails off this week!

Wednesday we woke up at 2:30AM to travel to Santa Cruz from Mission Leadership council.  I think it was the best one yet!  I have been invited to that monthly every month since April of Last year, and I really felt this month the the Lord has big plans to change this mission, and US as missionaries in August in preparation for Elder Uceda's mission tour in September.

Saturday was "San Santiago" a Catholic holiday that's big in Bermejo known for dressing up and parading through Bermejo in the afternoon, and drinking WAY to much alcohol starting in the evening and not stopping for 48 hours.  Because all non-member folk were wrapped up in that shenanigans, we made the most of Saturday doing a slave type service project!  It reminded me of working with Grandpa Huyett ;)  
We brought down a 1 meter think adobe wall... It's probably at least 80 years old.  We brought it down with  picks and hammers!  It was pretty fun, I am still sore. :)  What made it most productive is we did it with Mauricio, a 49 year old investigator who'll be baptized shortly after Dad's Birthday!  :)  He's way legit, super funny, and really ready to accept the gospel and the baptismal covenant.

The Church is true!  What more can I say?

I love ya'll!

Elder Bender
Bermejo - Tarija - Bolivia

                  This pig was about to be "Crucified" They cook it on a cross over an open fire.  Legit!

Pic with my bestest bros:  Elder Woolf (finish his mission on the 29th) and Elder Juarez the favorite guatemalteco!

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