Monday, August 3, 2015

The God of Elder Bender

July 20, 2015

It's been a good week!

Two highlights:
Friday at 6am the district packed into 2 minivans (trufis) and we drove up to Tarija.  There we had a great zone conference.  Sister Willard talked about her mission, and even remembering what happened 25 years ago it brought her so much emotion.  It really made me think about what I have come to experience so far in my mission, I really feel like a new person,  I feel like I walk daily side by side with my Savior.  I have come to know Him, and love Him more than I've ever imagined.  After all is said and done, that may be one of the biggest successes I`ve had.
After Sister Willard finished her talk President Willard stood up and talked about how often in the scriptures name our Father "The God of Abraham, The God of Isaac, and the The God of Jacob".  He said that in her mission God became for Sister Willard, "The God of Kimberly".  I feel like He has become the God of Elder Bender, of Bryce.  How grateful I am to Him and His mercy.
Sunday we had a second Zapato Misional Activity in memory of the Gareca family who was baptized last week!  We found them through the efforts of the ward missionary activity that we did 2 months ago, so we decided to do another one in their honor!  It went great!  In total we collected 41 referrals of people who are willing to accept a visit from us.  Legit.
I know that working united, members and missionaries, is the Lord's way.  It's way better, faster, funner, and brings longer lasting, even ETERNAL fruits in all who participate.  Do it.
Elder Bender

Pics: Andrea, Bryan and Raul: So happy to have received this email!  3 amazing people who I found and taught in Cañoto have been baptized recently since I left.  Raul Choque, I found him one late in December with Elder Garcia and we baptized his wife and his kids with Elder Butts.  Now the family is complete and they are going to be sealed in a year!  :D 
Also Bryan and Andrea is an amazing couple that I found a few weeks before leaving and invited them to be baptized.  They go to the water!  :)
Thanks Mom for putting these pics on the blog so I can print them after the mission.

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