Monday, August 24, 2015

Firsts and Lasts

August 24, 2015
Yesterday was a day of firsts!

It was a first for me to be a sacrament meeting where:  The two Priests that blessed the Sacrament were my converts (Cristian Galarza and Mauricio Lafuente) One of the deacons that passed, Luis Gareca (another convert) and the same Luis also gave the first talk in the sacrament meeting about prayer!  He wrote it all on his own and it was amazing!  I was blessed to give the second talk about the Holy Ghost, and personal revelation.  Liliana Gareca (1st counselor in Young Womens presidency) gave her first lesson in Young Womens and everyone said it was amazing!
I love the Miraflores branch, they know how to include the recent converts, and I feel that they wont ever fall away with the way things are going.

After church we have a ward missionary activity called "Together, to the Rescue!" It was planned and lead by the district.  The idea of the activity is that we divided into 13 groups of Preisthood, Relief Society, YSA, and kids to go out and visit less active families.  WE were able to successfully visit 18 less active families, and set future visits for the missionaries and the Hometeachers to teach the family and bring them back to activity in the gospel.  It was way legit. One thing I love about the saints in Bermejo, is they know how to work!

Wednesday I flew to Santa Cruz for Mission Leadership Council meeting.  It was good, weird because for about 18months I have been in those meetings, and now I am one of the "oldest" missionaries there!  I feel like Grandpa, "Wise with years". hahahhahaha ;)

All in all I am happy, healthy, and I love my companion Elder Lozano!  He is one the most chill companions yet, I'd love to finish the mission with him as my companion!

In my goal to contact 1,000, I am 145 contacts in, lots to go!

I love my Savior.  I know His church is true.  I know that if we put on the armour of God we'll be protected from the adversaries firey darts and they wont have power over us.

Sean Fuertes!

Elder Bender

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