Monday, August 24, 2015

Transfers - With no changes!

August 10, 2015
Wednesday we were to a training meeting in Tarija with all the district.  It was really special.  The meeting was especially to train the new missionaries, and measure how they are doing after 5 weeks in the field.  There were 22 missionaries there, 8 from my district, and the rest are serving in Tarija.  The Assistants didn't fly down for this meeting, so President Willard asked me to direct the meeting, and apart from that doing a one our practical training with the other trainers.  It was the best!  I love training new missionaries, talking about it, everything about it I just love!  President Willard told me that he was very pleased with the change there has been in the effectiveness of the work in Bermejo.  He said, "This transfer just keep it up! I don't think I'm changing anyone there."  That made me stoked, because I have so much reaping to do in my area!  It's been so much to work with these new guys here, I feel like I am living my dream of working in the MTC early! haha.  MTC Bermejo!  

Sunday night I got the call from the APs, yep, no one is getting transfered from my district!

Saturday was full of many, MANY miracles.  The three Mamani Sisters were baptized, and Mauricio was as well!  It was a one of kind special night, and there was a great support from the Branch.

My testimony was strengthened this morning of the universalness of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  It really was necesary for every part of the plan of Salvation to work.  If you're not reading Preach my Gospel's 3rd chapter currently, then read it!  

I love you all!

Elder Bender

                                                   Mamani Sisters!
                                                   Mauricio was baptized!

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