Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Marriage, Monkeys and Many Bugs!

June 22, 2015
Holllllllaaa!  (That's HoLLa as in "Hollabackgirl", not Hola as in "Hello")

Last Monday we played Soccer in a giant super nice stadium as a district with a bunch of recent converts and less actives.  It was so fun we are going to do it again in about half an hour! :)  I also used a good chunk of my Pday washing my clothes... by hand.  I have learned how to do it pretty good now!  But that doesn't mean it is enjoyable now!  hahaha.  However I have downloaded a bunch of different General Conference talks that I listen to as I wash clothes, so that makes it more enjoyable:)

Wednesday I brought Elder Allasia (a "Goucho" or Argentinian missionary who has about 1 month in the field) to my area to do an exchange.  It went suuuuppppeerr well.  The members helped us in each lesson all day.  He was impressed with their enthusiasm, and I was too!  Haha.  I am working hard with my district that way each branch can better participate in the work.

Friday we had a great FHE in our branch's 1st councilor's home, the Arteaga family, and the Gareca family came as well.  It went super great, and the Gareca family also came to the baptism and stayed all 3 hours at church!  They are making some major progression:)  Pray for them!

Saturday Celia and Ricardo Mamani got married!  That was quite a miracle in and of itself.  I was blessed to baptized Celia Sunday morning at 8am, and then she was confirmed at 9:30am in our Sacrament meeting.  Her testimony strengthened mine, and man alive I don't know if I have met anyone else who has fought so hard and overcome so many different problems to be baptized!  She'll be a great leader in the church.

I feel great.  I am happy as can be, as healthy as I'll ever be, and hyped to teach the gospel!:)

Elder Bender 

                            Don't let the photos confuse you, my mission ain't no monkey business!

                Took a few fun pictures on our roof, it kind of gives you an Idea of what Bermejo is like too!

                                                                Celia's Baptism pics

                    We had a super yummy lunch on Sunday with our branch mission leader and his family!

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