Monday, June 15, 2015

Oh what a week it was!

While thinking of what I was going to title this email the Peptobismol song came into my head, "Oh what a relief it is!".  I hope the jingle rings through clearly as you read this letter:)
Wednesday I had a great exchange with Elder Ruiz from the 1ro de Mayo branch.  I went to the farthest corner of civilization that pertains to our mission.  A small neighborhood called "Por venir".  Doing a mathematical guess, I assume that's the farthest I have ever been away from home!  haha.  It made me laugh at times to realize how in the middle of nowhere I found myself.  All in all, we taught some great families, and many accepted baptismal dates.
Thursday I had an amazing District meeting.  I taught about, ironically enough, the flu shot and Doctor Castro!  Yes, our long time favorite pediatrician.  The picture Mom send me of the kids in Doc. Castro's office goofing off inspired the theme of my meeting.  I'll give you a short break down:
Just as how Jared at the beginning was so eager to literally RUN AWAY from the doctor when the needle came out, often time people are eager to run way from "Mormon missionaries".  Why?  Because they have yet to grasp that as the Flu Shot, our Restored message will indeed save them from lots of physical and spiritual suffering.  
I take pride in how not one of the Bender kids runs away from Doc. Castro anymore when its Flu season!  Why are they not scared anymore?  Because Mom did a great job in "preparing the scene" and also our minds and heart for getting the shot and understanding the importance the shot.  
As Mom's key roll to relax, coax, and promise blessings changed our outlook towards Doctor Castro and his syringe, when a member talks to his non member friend and explains the blessing he has personally seen from the restored gospel, it gives the non member a chance to open his heart to this ever so pure message.  That's where conversion starts.
I invite you to do "role playing" in FHE to practice how each one of you can prepare your friends and family to receive the Restored Gospel, I know you play a VITAL role.
Thursday night we taught Daniel and family about the Plan of Salvation in President Flores` (the branch president's) home.  It was something we had planned to do for about 3 weeks now, and finally we were able to do it.  It was a testimony of the work of salvation, and the unity that there needs to be between members and missionaries.  You'll hear more about Daniel and family in the near future!  :)

Saturday Cristian Galarza was baptized.  What a sweet spirit we felt=)  He is a super rockstar future missionary.  He is 19, and was a reference from a 19 year old girl in the branch.  She is just as set on helping him serve a mission as she was about helping him get to know Christ.  I just feel so blessed to participate is settings such as those!
Lots of love,
Elder Bender

                                             It was cold, this old dude made a fire, I joined him.

                                                          There is a fungus among us!
                                                Cristian Galarza was baptized!  IT was GREAT!

It's fresh water, we cleaned the font 100% before filling it, its just the water here comes out of the pipes that color... 

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