Monday, June 1, 2015

Zapato Misional

Time for the weekly update!

Monday we played Wally with the district, it was way fun. 
Tuesday I did an exchange with the Elders from 15 de abril.  Their área is pretty interesting, a large majority of their branch is a Bolivian market that serves 98% Argentinian customers.  I was with Elder Ullua, he is from Argentina and Elder Garcia, my ex companion trained him.  It was fun because it turns out that his buddies in Argentina were mostly BMXers.  The first time in a WHILE that someone has understood me speak BMX!  haha
Wednesday I woke up at 3am to take a taxi to Tarija, there I flew to Santa Cruz for the Mission leadership conference.  The conference was great!  I learned a ton about how to better work with the members to be
Thursday we taught the Flores family again, they are doing great.  Franz wants so badly to get married and be baptized, and his girlfriend Ana could really feel the spirit that day, she said that she does want to be baptized, but’ll need your prayers to decide to get married!  They truly are a very happy couple, but the problem is that in Bolivia there is a REALLY BAD humor about marriage.  Like everyone thinks that as soon as someone gets married, they’ll be getting divorced…  It's really ridiculous. 
Sunday I gave my “welcome testimony” in the Miraflores branch sacrament meeting, later I taught the gospel principles class about “Faith in Jesus Christ”, and then under the branch president's direction participated in a Work of Salvation training for our 5th Sunday 3rd hour combination.  It went really well!  President Flores, our branch President is super excited to hasten the work here, I am hyped to have a great branch leader!  At 4pm we had a Ward missionary activity called Zapato Misional. The idea is that we divide into groups of 6 or 7 people (adults, kids, and one full time missionary) and go about contacting people!  All 8 elders from my district came out to help us, and we rounded up 63 new referrals to be contacted!  The branch presidency had prepared banana bread for each group to give out along with the missionary pamphlets, and it turned out to be a really great experience.

I know that the Lord is hastening His work! Let us join Him.

Elder Bender

3 generations of secretaries to the president at mission leadership council, Elder Gehring, Elder Bender, and Elder Winterholler
I borrowed Elder Gehrings sweatshirt when I slept in Tarija... Sorry Dad...
                                                   Back in my area!  #Jungle #Whiteboy
Elder Rose's birthday is today!  We asked one of our investigators to make him a cake...

                                                       he took a "Bolivian bite" out of it.  

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