Sunday, June 14, 2015

Camping and a District Conference

June 8, 2015
This week was miraculous!
The first thing you should know is that you can see the stars SO CLEAR here in Bermejo at night.  It's honestly amazing!  It starts getting dark around 6pm here, so until 9pm while we are proselyting I get to enjoy working by starlight, it's great.  One day I commented to my companion for probably the 43rd time about how pretty the stars are and how I'd like to sleep under the stars... He was like, Yeah, let's do it!  So after planning that night, and realizing the conditions were perfect - almost no mosquitoes, not too cold, no wind, nor clouds - we took our matresses up to the roof, and went camping on the roof of our house!  (as you can see the roof is completely flat, so we weren't at risk of death while sleeping.)  We brought Mate up there, and drank mate before going to bed, it was a lot of fun mixing up the nightly routine, Elder Gomez is a really fun guy:)
We worked our tails off inviting everyone to the district conference that was last weekend, and it brought a ton of fruits!  As I explained last week about the Zapato Misional activity, it brought lots of fruits, one of them being the Gareca family that came to the district conference and accepted to be baptized! They are amazing! Such a miracle, I know that it was thanks to our efforts while working with the members we were able to find the Gareca`s.
All in all 13 investigors and a ton of less actives came to the district conference (where Pdte. Willard presided) and it turned out great.
Oh, Saturday we had our interview conference with Pdte. and Sister Willard, and that went really well.  It was pretty fun because it was the tiniest conference I have ever been in, 8 elders from Bermejo plus Pdte. and Hna. Willard! haha.  It was great though.
All in all, my faith has grown immensely in the truthfulness of the restored gospel, it seems as though everyone wants it now a days!  So open you mouth and share it already!

Elder Bender

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