Monday, July 21, 2014

Cookies, a new vision, and the Work rolls onward

Hello Everyone=)

Last Monday we made the famous Mormon Chocolate chip cookies with the Castillo Family, a convert family I baptized about a month ago.  They loved them, there is NOTHING like chocolate chip cookies here in Bolivia.  I am just showing them the path to the Celestial Kingdom, and WHAT it will be like when we arrive! =)

This week the Assistents and President came down and stayed the week in Tarija.  The assistents stayed in our Palace with us, it was a good time, and we had a good deal going where we made them yummy breakfasts every morning, and they always had awesome dinners at night.  We had an exchange with Elder Gallego, one of the assistents, and it went really well.  We got some great tips in how we can make our Ward Counsel more effective, and the following day we took action!

In the pics, you can see we went out of our way to make binders for each auxillary in the ward, for them to keep track of their sheep.  We made records (Recent Converts and less actives who have come back to activation) for each recent convert and rescued less active in the past two years.  Made sufficient copies for each corresponding binder, and then with the help of the Bishop and ward Clerk, we are going to put these records to date so that EVERY CONVERT not just mine, but each one for the past two years gets sealed in the temple.  

WOW.  It was a lot of work, but finally I feel like we are going to be able to do this marvelous work in the way the Lord wants it done, without loosing a single soul.

I love the Work of Salvation, its beautiful.  

I know that the Lord is pleased with the work we are doing, I feel His presence and feel His Love.

We have fingers crossed to be in white next Saturday, cruzen sus deditos tambien!

Elder Bender


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