Monday, July 14, 2014

Change is Good!

June 9, 2014


Last Monday we flew to Santa Cruz for mission counsel.  It was a great
two-day conference and I feel so blessed to be able to share the
worries and concerns that President has to help better the mission.
It's a blessing to work under Priesthood keys to run this perfect
church in the way the Lord desires.

Thursday we held a zone meeting, and it went well.  The zone worked
really hard during the month of May and finished with 22 Baptisms.
More than any other zone in the mission.  I feel so blessed to be
surrounded by such great missionaries and see the miracles that the
Lord is working in each of their areas.

I feel like this transfer went by way too fast, and I am sad that soon
Elder Brasher is going to go home.  We are the best of buds, and I
have learned so much from him.  However, the blessing is that this
Saturday we are going to set personal records for both of us, and
Baptize seven souls=)  The most that we both have ever done in one
night,  For sure the Lord has blessed us to find his lost sheep.

I are learning the power there is in change.  Often we teach that the
key to repentance is change.  As I change my thinking, and way of
being, searching for who the Lord wants me to be, I am finding great
solace and love in the atoning power of Christ.  I feel as though I am
becoming molded into the servant who the Lord wants me to be, and I am
basking in His love and grace.

Elder Bender

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