Monday, June 2, 2014

Familia Castillo

June 2, 2014

Hello everyone!

I am honestly amazed, I feel like week after week I just am getting more and more blessed.
Highlights from this week include:
Last Monday we took the Zone to Lake San Juancito, and there is a huge dam there and it's just beautiful.  We took pictures and had a great time. :)
Tuesday was the Bolivian Mother's day, SO Happy Mothers day again Mom!  The Castillo family invited us to lunch at their house to celebrate mother's day, and Freddy's birthday.  Freddy is a Dentist, and he and his family are planning to get baptized on the 14th.  They are honestly the best.  They always invite us over to eat and chat with them.  My companion and I bought Freddy a tie as a birthday present, and on Sunday he wore it to church! :)
Wednesday President flew into town and we had a multi zone conference where he taught about the Atonement, and man I learned SO MUCH.  President rocks!

On Thursday Freddy invited us to go eat Siece with him.  Siece is a famous Tarijanien dish that's super famous in Bolivia, but you can only get it in Tarija.  It was so good! :) 
Then on Saturday the Castillo family invited us over AGAIN for lunch to make and eat Pice a la Machu.  It's my favorite Bolivian food ever!  It's made up of french fries and on top a sauce of steak, sausage, peppers, ketchup, tomatoes and all kinds of other special stuff drizzled all over your french fries.  SOOO GOOD!
Then Sunday ALSO was rocking!  We had 14 investigators at church, and it is just so fun to see all these people we found only 3 weeks ago be so integrated with the ward and just loving church! :)
I am learning more and more the power that there is in teaching the Atonement of Jesus Christ to those whom I love so much.  I am learning that we all need to repent, and that through studying the Atonement I am developing a love even greater for it and a greater desire to repent daily.
Today we fly out to Santa Cruz for two days of Mission Council meetings with President.  It's going to be cool being in that small of a meeting with president.  28 Zone Leaders and one powerful President! :)
I love you all so much!

Elder Bender

We went with the whole zone to Lake San Juancito, it was a fun day and I took a ton of cool pictures, here are a few!


Me and Hermana Zapata and her compi.  Hermana Zapata was with me since day one in Provo and now she is in my Zone.
                                                     Elder Brasher and Elder Bender

 Since is a famous Tariajean dish that they only make and sell in Tarija.  It's super good!  Freddy, one of our best investigators treated us to go out to since.  He loves it and I do too!  The funny thing is, they don't sell it for breakfast, or lunch, they only sell it at like 9:00-11:00 am.  It's like a snack that's famous!


 We went to the Castillo Family's house and made pique a lo Macho with them, I cut this fatty pepper!

Here in Tarija there are these famous dancing burros and zebras that are like traffic directors!  When the people drive like BURROS the Burro calls them out and makes them feel shameful!  The Zebras help peds cross the street!  We partied with them!

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