Monday, July 14, 2014

Coymata Coymata Coymata!

July 14, 2014
Hello Family and Friends!
Last Monday we took the Zone to a famous waterfall here in Tarija called Coymata.  It was so beautiful, and just a GREAT activity to relieve a bit of stress.  It is about a 1.5 mile hike through San Lorenzo Valley, and they it opens up to a beautiful majestic waterfall.  It was a beautiful day, and luckily not too cold!
Later on in the week we had some great lessons, with some great people. 
I am amazed as I see some well to do people, who really aren't suffering at all, open up their hearts simply to hear the truth.  Miracles.
One highlight is I made my companion and I a special French Toast breakfast, only two gringos would know how to enjoy french toast so much in Bolivia!
We were BLESSED to have 8 amazing investigators in church Sunday, and as I am the teacher in our class of Gospel Principles, I taught about eternal families and it was wonderful.  The spirit is always so strong when we are strengthening and defending the special family unit that the Adversary tries so hard to destroy.
I know families can be eternal, and that my family WILL be.  I know the power of God is here on the earth to bring us closer to him now, and for the eternities.  I know that life isn't easy, but it's worth it and there is much Joy to find in the Journey.
I love feeling my testimony grow, and feeling the arms of the Savior surround me in times of trial.
Elder Bender

                                                                  Coymata Falls
                                                                      Elder Bender

                                                            Elder Bender and Elder Bailey

Normally when I have had BIRTHDAYs in the mission , Speaking of months, never did anything special, just a normal day.  Hoever because Elder Bailey and I have the same time in the mission, on the 9th I made us a special 9 month birthday breakfast.  Frenchtoast and fresh orangejuice!

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