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June 30, 2014

Hello Everyone who I love!
Well its been a great week, and I am excited to fly out to Santa Cruz for Mission Leader Counsel again today.  I will be there until Wednesday, and then we are coming back to go to work!
New experiences, and new faith.  This week it seemed as though half the zone just exploded in disobedience so we have been really worried and busy doing inspections, transfers, and phone calls trying to help everyone remember the reason why we are here.  It's sad when missionaries forget to love and get into dumb things.  However I am grateful for the experience where Elder Bailey and I had to rely on the Spirit and make changes to help these missionaries in their spiritual progression.
We have had great success in our area this week, and looks like on Saturday I´ll be busting out the white tie again, such a blessing=)
I love my companion Elder Bailey!  He is from Ogden Utah, and he's a great guy.  Humble, obedient, fun to be around, and a hard worker.  He's actually from my MTC group, so it was fun to have a companion with whom we were already great buddies from our 4 weeks together in Columbia!
I am just learning more and more the importance of Love in all aspects of the Lord's work.  Love for my amazing friends in whom I teach.  Love for my Companion, and love for the Zone.  However most importantly I am learning more and more of the great Love that our Father in Heaven has for us, and the great joy he feels when we are obedient. 

Yesterday both Freddy and his son Gonzalo received the Aaronic Priesthood.  Such joy fills my soul every time one of my beloved converts takes important steps toward the celestial kingdom.  He also invited us and about 25 members of the ward to his house last night for an awesome family night in which he planned and hosted.  Such a great man, future stake president! 
I love you all so much and am so grateful for your prayers and support.
√Člder Bender

 Pics from the Last WallyBall session with Elder Brasher and the other buddies from here in Tarija.

  Sending Elder Brasher off in the Airport.  Yup, I cried.  Love that guy so much.

                                                       Elder Bender and Elder Bailey
                                               "Zone Leaderz - Tarija"

                                               Elder Bender and Elder Woolf, buddies

                                                                      USA Pride! 

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