Monday, July 14, 2014

One Special Saturday! =)

June 16, 2014

Hello Everyone!

I sure do feel so blessed.  Last Saturday we Baptized the Castillo and
Lidezma Families and also Sister Rita Delfin.  Two Families, three
doctors, and six children of God. It truly was a blessed day.

Never in my life have I seen such a small ward get SO supportive for a
convert baptism.  I love my ward=)  They all came together to clean
the chapel and even prepared a sweet array of refreshments.  The
Sister Training leaders came and sang my favorite song -I know that My
Redeemer Lives- before the baptism and the spirit was SO STRONG!

Later we descended into the font and performed ordinances that open
the door to the heaven.

Afterwards the families bore their testimonies and Freddy Castillo
just broke down crying from the joy the gospel has brought them.  I
know for a fact that within five years from now Freddy will be a
Bishop, he truly has been choosen since the pre-existence to be a
leader in the Restored Gospel of Christ.

The gospel is true, His hand is prevalent in HIS work, and we are all smiling=)

Love you all,
√Člder Bender

                                                     One Special Saturday of Baptisms!

Sopa Poderosa (Translates to "The Powerful Soup"!)

                                                           Elder Bender and Elder Brasher
Elder Brasher and Elder Bender
Our zone is the best, so we took them to eat siece last week before internet, and then after internet we played soccer on the professional team's field. After that we gave them all stickers that say ¨I Love Zona
Guadalquivir!¨  Yup, we rock.

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