Monday, August 4, 2014

Time for Fun and Trials of Faith

June 28, 2014
Hello everyone=)
Last Monday we took the entire zone to play soccer against one of the neighboring zones, La Viña.  It was cool because Elder Wolters and Elder Taylor, the Zone Leaders from the other Zone, are some of my best buds in the mission.  So OBVIOUSLY it was a SUPER competitive game.  We made matching Zone shirts for our entire zone with the Colors of Tarija, Red, and White.  Meanwhile, the other zone also made matching shirts, so it made our soccer match even more legit.  Jerseys and all.
OBVIOUSLY my Zone won. ;)  We rented two soccer fields, one for Elders and one for Sisters, and our Elders won 12 to 10 and our sisters 7 to 2.  YES.
That was super awesome. 
Now speaking more on Trials of Faith.
We had a good handful of people with Baptismal dates for the 26th, and when Tuesday came around, not a single one had really CONFIRMED that they were going to be baptized that day.  I felt strongly that Ninfa Rojas was the most prepared of them all to be baptized, however it seemed as though a zillion distractions were being put into her life RIGHT that minute, and we couldn't even teach her!
My companion and I decided to do a special fast for her, that would could teach her and help her to feel the spirit so that she could be baptized.
The Lord heard my prayers, and Saturday we were in white once more.
I know there is SO much power that comes with fasting, and prayers.  I know the Lord listens, and listens to ALL of us, even those of us down here in Tarija, bordering Argentina. (Mormon 9:21)
I love you all, and hope that you too have trials that strengthen your faith. 
Elder Bender

                                                            Our Zone!!

                                                                  Ninfa's baptism!

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