Monday, August 4, 2014

Missionary Work rocks, what more can I say?

August 4, 2014
Hey everyone!  Hope all is going well, and that your enjoying life as much as I am!  Being a missionary is the best.  Period.  Can I do this forever?

This week was super great.  9 People at church Sunday, stoked.  

Last Monday for Pday my companion and I went to a street fair they do once a year called Santa Anita.  It was cool.  Its famous here and they sell EVERYTHING tiny.  Like a cup the size of a penny.  A Cake the size of  my fist, etc.  Its like a little girls dream fair.  Most of it is doll sized stuff for little kids to buy.  The coolest part is for TINY kids, they can buy stuff with buttons!  Yep, that's right, any old button counts as a little coin for the niños.  

I bought Dad a cool Bolivian Souvenir in Memory of his Birthday.  Hope it was a great Birthday!  =)

Also bought a sweet Bolivian llama fur beanie.  Sweetness.

Also My companion and I bought matching super light weight rain jackets from a regular sports store. (See pic)

The work went great week.  We are giving it our all, and its paying off.

We had transfers and I am still with Elder Bailey, STOKED.  Gringos just know how to work HARD.

We had a GREAT zone meeting.  I stressed about it for a bit, trying to really make it something spiritually uplifting, and it turned out GREAT.  We talked about the POWER and AUTHORITY we have in our callings.  That really when we are inviting people to come to Christ, it isn't an invitation from us, but from the Prophet, and from the Savior himself.

August is going to be a great month.  So stoked=)

Love you all to pieces!

Elder Bender

Matching rain jackets with my companion!
Best bud Elder Woolf!

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