Thursday, August 21, 2014

workin' Workin' WORKIN'

August 18, 2014

It´s been a great week, I am sure everyone who reads this is jealous of the life of a Missionary=) 
It´s the Best!

Monday we taught a FHE with the Stake President and his family, with the Castillo Family, and the Ledezma Family, it went beautifully!  I feel I'm family with them all.

First of all, this week there was a GIANT parade going all through my area celebrating the festival of San Roque.  Apparently that guy is a catholic saint, and he is the ¨saint of the Dogs¨  so everyone celebrates it as their dog's ¨birthday¨.  In the parade they march around the city carrying this giant china doll Mr. San Roque.  And, hundreds if not thousands of teenagers and people march behind him banging the heck out of their drums.  I don't believe they practiced much, or at all.  I got the impression that the goal was to simply make a racket!  They happened to march right by a house where we were teaching a lesson... Drove the spirit away for 20 minutes, but then after we finished up the lesson haha.

A recent convert family of 10 months from Bermejo (a town two hours south of here on the border with Argentina) came to a hospital here in Tarija on Wednesday in an Ambulance with their 16 month old baby boy who had fell in some water at home and drown.  He went over 10 minutes without breathing, and the doctors already had given the family forewarning that the boy wasn't going to make it.  We got a call from the Zone Leaders on Bermejo and quickly went over to the hospital to give the baby a blessing and comfort the family.  When we found the Dad in the hospital he didn´t even know we were coming, but was so happy to see two kids in ties.  The first thing he explained is simply that he wants his son to be able to be a missionary like us some day.  With a miracle we got past some Bolivian Police officers and got to critical care to bless the boy.  I found him on a 7ft long bed, and he only took up like 35 inches of it.  The saddest thing I had ever seen.  Tubes going in and out of him in every place imaginable, and they informed us that he was in a coma, but they had him breathing somehow.  We blessed him.  Taught a lesson to the parents.  Made arrangements for them to stay in the house of some members.  The bishop quickly met with them to work out medical detail and help needed.  And Sunday they came to church with us.  Informing us all that the boy is conscious, and should make a full recovery.

God works miracles, and loves his little future missionaries.  The church is true, and ready to help any, and everyone.

Saturday I got dressed in white and was blessed to perform another saving ordinance.  Fernando Castillo, the oldest son of the Castillo family (the family who I baptized in June with Elder Brasher) was also baptized.  He's 20 years old, a future missionary, and a great buddy of mine!  The entire Castillo family is happy that now when they go to the temple to be sealed, they ALL will be present.

The Church is true!

I love you all so much,

Thanks for your prayers and support!

Élder Bender

                                                                   Baptism of Fernando
                                                                     Castillo Family
                      These are the kids of our pensionista, the lady who cooks us lunch every day!
                                              Lunch Buddies!  We eat lunch together every day!

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