Monday, April 27, 2015

Good News all around

April 20, 2015

I am happy to be alive!  I am happy to be a missionary!  I am happy to represent my Savior!

It has been a great week of proselyting with Elder Fuentes.  We have found a TON of new investigators.  What a blessing it was, literally it one miracle after another as we found anxious people to hear the gospel.

Elisabeth is one of our new investigators, and she is really eager to learn more about the gospel.  Her husband passed away, and she has been left with her 1 year old baby boy.  She loved learning about eternal families, and I love teaching about them!

I am so grateful for my eternal family.  What a precious truth to share with everyone.

We also participated in a big move!  We helped the sister missionaries from Trompillo move to their new house, and man alive they had a TON of stuff!  To make matters worse, they live on the 3rd floor of their new apartment building! 

I was busy doing lots of visa tramites last week, and I am sure this week won't be any different!  I am going to town with the mission lawyer trying to get everyone with a current visa.  It'll be a lot of work!

Elder Bender

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