Monday, April 13, 2015

A new chapter

Good morning family and friends!

This week was transfers week, and in the end I can say that everything went wonderfully!  Was I superrrr stressed?  Of course!  Haha, but there weren't any major problems, and MANY tender mercies.

Monday I bought flights and started coordinating all the transfer travel. 

Tuesday the new missionaries came, oh how I love new missionaries! Haha they are the best!  I went to the airport with the APs and President and Sister Willard to pick to up.  As we got everyone on the micro to drive to the office (45 min. from the airport) I had a strong impression to ask one of the 15 missionaries if he had his passport.  I asked without hesitating, and quickly he found out he had left it in security!  We stopped the micro and ran back to customs and luckily got there right before they closed everything down.  What a blessing! 

Wednesday was the day of movement, and when all was said and done, it went well.

I have a temporary new companion, Elder Fuentes, the financial secretary.  There are two "extras" in the office with us for two weeks before they finish the mission, so one is with my old companion Elder Butts to have three companionships working our areas instead of two.  I assume that after they go home I`ll return to be with Elder Butts.

We taught some great lessons with Elder Fuentes, and it looks like in a few weeks Raul and Nahir Choque - Veronica Choques kids - will be baptized too.  

Have a great week,

Elder Bender 

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