Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Because HE Lives

March 30, 2015

It makes me happy to hear that you are all doing so well! :)

Thanks for all your letters and updates.

Last Monday we went and played tennis for Pday with the assistants.  It was way fun.  It was super hot out, but we made the most of it!  I want to play more tennis...

This week was full of miracles.  We found a man named Jorge that lived in Fairfax Virginia and had gone to the D.C. temple visitors center many a times.  I told him I was born in Fairfax and that just kick started the conversation!  He accepted a baptismal date, and I feel like it is no coincidence that the Lord has put me here at this time to help him and his family come closer to Christ.

Due to elections yesterday, we couldn't go out to teach until 6pm, so I stepped up to the plate and cooked 6 pounds of ground beef and made all the office mates tacos!  They turned out super good.  Tacos aren't common in Bolivia, so it was a real treat:) 

I know that because He lives, we can all live happily!  I see proof of that as I read my family's letters each week.  We truly are a happy go Mormon family!  We can all find solace and healing in Christ's everlasting atonement.  He died and LIVED AGAIN, so that we all may be whole.  Watch this video called Because He Lives (He Lives)

I am currently sharing this video with everything that moves here in Bolivia to help this blessed people feel Christ's love, and obtain an everlasting joy. Share it with your friends!  Invite them to Conference! Invite them to come unto Christ.

√Člder Bender  

                                                                                       Playing Tennis on Pday!

                                                                    Enjoying the cookies from grandma!
                                                            We had an oreos break in the office... we ate a lot..
                                           The North mission secretaries, partners in crime!  Love those guys.

"He is Here"  office picture with the office crew, and Elder Oliart (my trainer)!  He came back to SC to visit and stopped by!
                                                                                                 Taco Lunch!

                                                                  My study room, filled with love from the family!
                                                                 Random Pictures from my time with Elder Garcia!

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