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October 13, 2014

Howdy family and friends!
Well in all honesty it gets harder and harder thinking of knew things to write about...
Yesterday were the Presidential elections here in B town.  We were locked inside all day and the Sunday meetings were canceled.  Boring!  However the blessing was we all as a mission studied a bunch ¨the 4th missionary¨ document.  In preparation for a 40 day fast!
Someone wanted to hear about the food.  Honestly I don´t even pay attention to what I eat anymore, sorry!  OH!  In my district there is a companionship of Colombians, and they cooked us a super yummy Colombian dish called ¨Pisa¨.  It is made up of a giant sausage, fried beef, rice with coconut, and ironed down platano!  (Green bananas)  They just iron them.  Literally.  So they turn into little flat patties.  Crunchy crispy, and a little sweet!

I´ll take a moment to tell you a bit about Tatiana Duabyakoski (Her Dad is Polish!  Talk about a last name that's hard for Latinos to say!)
We met her Friday before General Conference in front of her home and invited her to come to GC with us.  She came!  Sunday night after conference we taught her and gave her a Book of Mormon.  Thursday she accepted a baptismal date after reading 15 chapters of that little blue book.  Last Saturday she had finished 1 Nephi and is trucking through the Isaiah chapters better than I can do! 
She also has a study journal where she writes summaries on each chapter.  After a year in the mission I had never seen someone fall in love so quickly with the look of Mormon!  Shes just counting down the days until her Baptism for November 8th.  She is contemplating accepting the challenge of reading the entire book of Mormon before her baptism. 
The Book of Mormon is true!  It changes lives!  Read it as a family to have your family changed too. Meditate it. Pray about it.  Act on it.
I love you all!
√Člder Bender

Pictures are celebrating my one year of Missionary service!

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