Sunday, November 9, 2014

50 years, 50 books, dream come true!

October 20, 2014

Buen Día!
Tuesday we had a special meeting especifically for trainers.  Never once has President Willard done that, but he is obviously really hoping to make something big out of this group of 27 new missionaries who came last transfer, 1 of them being mi querido Elder Trinidad=).  It was a good meeting, and I could tell that it really got to Elder Trinidad and he really is wanting to change.  Hes becoming such a fantastic and skilled missionary it amazes me.
Saturday we baptized!  Laura was baptized member of the restored church.  She was like a miricale baptism because she had attended church for 5 years straight with her older sister.  FINALLY her dad gave her permission to be baptized on her birthday, October 18th.  We had the blessing to teach her the lessons preparing her to make her first of many covenants with our Father.  Also her Mom who is less active is coming back to church thanks to our visits, and her Dad is a LOT more receptive to the gospel!  It's a testimony that God sometimes has people wait so that they can influence others around them when they are ready for the gospel.
Sunday President Willard was going to come teach our Sunday school class here in our ward, however he called me a few hours ahead of time saying he was triple booked, and that he wanted my companion and I to represent him and talk about the work of salvation.  Uhh.. What?  haha Nah I felt fine, and was able to bring to life a little dream I had!  This upcoming November the Church will have its 50 year anniversary here in Bolivia!  I made a quickie call to the Zone Leaders and asked them to bring me 50 Books of Mormon.  My Companion and I shared with the entire ward about how in order to really celebrate 50 years of the restored gospel in Bolivia, that we had 50 Books of Mormon for members to take and give to their friends during this month.  Seeing how thanks to the Book of Mormon God restored the fullness of the gospel in these latter days.  My comp and I did a mini demonstration in how a member can share the BoM with a friend in a loving and comfortable way.  The entire ward got super hyped up to participate and in the end we gave away all 50 books, plus two extras!  We are hoping to have a lot of great refferences thanks to this activity that fell into my lap.  We had each member write their names on a list as they took a Book, and also the name of their friend who the book was intended for.  These next few weeks we are going to be following up and visiting these members to then hopefully teach their friends in their homes.
Love you all!
The gospel is true! So live it puej!
Élder Bender

                                                                Laura was baptized!

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