Monday, October 6, 2014

"Maybe it's time to rearrange your priorities"

What a GREAT GENERAL CONFERENCE!  Maybe you recognize the title from one of my favorite talks, from Elder Richard G. Scott.  In Spanish we call that a HUASCASO! The English translation would be, ¨a verbal spanking¨.  Yes, I hope and pray we all felt the impulse of the spirit to change and become better disciples of our Savior.

This week I had a great exchange with Elder Romero, it went really well and we taught many, many great lessons.  

We had two great miracle families come to listen to conference with us, and that was a huge blessing, I know they felt the spirit and it will be a great start for them to build their testimonies.

My companion is doing great, he is feeling a lot more comfortable now in the mission, and I have focused all my effort this week to serve him and help him feel comfortable and see the mini daily miracles.

A few quotes I loved from conference:

Lynn G. Robbins ¨Which way do you face?  Do you fear men, or fear God?¨

Elder Christofferson  ¨Christ died not to save indiscriminately, but to offer repentance.¨

President Uchtdorf  ¨The Gospel is all about being good without guile.¨

Elder Holland  ¨The Savior's work is about LOVE not about statistics.¨

President Monson  ¨Pause to consider the consequences.¨
¨Simple belief in God provides us with a sanctuary of safety.¨

Elder Bednar ¨There are 88,000 missionaries to support the members in THEIR DUTY to share the gospel.¨  Yo soy uno.

Elder Oaks ¨Loving kindness is required, however we need to be firm in the truth.¨

And my favorite of all,

Elder Anderson ¨Opposition is allowed in Gods plan because it sends the faithful to their knees.¨

I know that God lives.  His gospel is a living Gospel.  It has brought life and light to my soul, and will spiritually resurrect anyone who comes to Christ with a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  This I know to be true.  

Élder Bender

                                            My current companion Elder Trinidad and I, hijito #2.
                                     Elder Hammond and I after playing Frisbee!  Thanks Grandma!
                                                                     Homemade gym!

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