Monday, September 29, 2014

The Book of Mormon

It's been a great week in the Lord's service.  

Last Monday for P-Day Elder Trinidad and I, and also Elder Hammond and Elder Rueda (The other companionship that lives with us)  went to a soccer field near our house and played Frisbee.  (Thanks Grandma!)  It was a lot of fun to just be a kid and run around, sometimes I forget I am only 20!  

This week we contacted a referral from a less active who we are helping to come back to Church, and turns out the family is Golden!  As we taught Miguel and Teresa about the Restoration and my companion explained the first vision, Teresa cut him off mid sentence and said, ¨I believe it's true, or, I want to believe it's true, I just wish there was evidence of all of that...¨  BOOM BABY!  You can bet your bottom dollar that there is!  In Spanish it's 641 pages of evidence!  One promise, and my job as a missionary is EASY!  Yup, so now Teresa and Miguel are fully immersed in that little blue book and I give them about a month until you´ll see ´em en blanco!

I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the blessing it has been to me on my mission.  I know it is true, it comforts me when I feel faint, it guides me when I am confused, and most of all it testifies of Christ.

If you haven´t read it yet today, read it.  It will bless your life.
Then share it with someone you know who also could benefit from feeling Christ´s love more fully.

Élder Bender

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