Tuesday, September 23, 2014

El Fuerte

September 22, 2014
Hello all!
This week we had a great multi-zone conference with President Willard where 180 missionaries were in attendance.  It was BIG!  I went into the conference extremely humbled, and left it more edified than I have been from any other Zone conference!  I felt like a big ol´ sponge. 
Thursday I had my first district meeting and it went really well.  The Zone Leaders couldn´t get keys to the chapel so we had the meeting outside in the grass.  I felt like I was teaching the Sermon on the Mount #2.  haha.  It was great weather, and I loved it.  Kind of weird, but I have grown a love for planning and leading meetings since I have been in the mission.  I look forward to them!

We found a lot of great people to teach this week, and have been really blessed.  One young guy named Douglas (his Dad is from England that's why he has such a familiar name) we found, taught, and invited him to pray.  We returned and he told us that he prayed, and felt something special, something burning inside his chest.  He is excited to be baptized in October.  The work moves forward, and as we learn in Mormon 9:19, the Lord of the vineyard performs miracles according to our level of faith and diligence.  
I know that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.
Élder Bender

For my birthday I bought myself a HLJ ring!  It's legit, real silver, and a member made it for me for like 37 bucks.  Sweet deal huh?

All Zone leaders of the 3 Tarija Zones on the day of transfers.  Three of the six of us are now opening new areas and training!  Gringo lovin´!

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