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September 15, 2014
Buenos Días puejj!

Once more I am here in the humid Santa Cruz to preach the gospel to all of these fantastic people! Yup, my ¨Chapaco¨ days in Tarija are over.  Goodbye to the best weather ever, goodbye to a bunch of fantastic convert families, goodbye the the Zona Guadalquivir that I have babied with my whole heart for 4.5 months. . . AND HELLO to Santa Cruz!  HELLO to training a brand new missionary! HELLO to opening a brand new area (El Fuerte 3)! HELLO to being District leader!

Yes, I am training again.  His name is Elder Trinidad and he's GREAT!   He's 23 years old and a convert to the Church.  He was baptized when he was 17.  He is from Lima, Peru.  He has a pure heart, and it is so fun to once more be with a brand new companion who thinks the sky is the limit. Even though we are opening a brand new area and arrived to 0 investigators, he is hyped up to talk with everyone on the street and preach the restored gospel.  I can´t complain!

Random note, in the Training Meeting that was for all the new trainers Elder Peña was there, being prepped to train his 2nd hijo!  Let me break down a bit of Genealogy for 
ya´ll...  I trained Elder Peñaranda 3 months (son),  He right after trained Elder Peña 3 months (grandson), He right after trained Elder P. . . (don't remember how to say his last name but it too starts with a P) for 1.5 months, and now Elder Peña is training Elder . .  (Don't remember his name at the moment either but he's a gringo great grandson!).  Thus making me a father of 2, with 1 grandson and 2 great grandsons in less than a years time. . . Talk about multiplying and replenishing the earth!

Thanks to everyone for your letters and prayers.  I have felt comforted as I take on what has been the hardest challenge I have faced yet in the mission field, or better said, my life.  I know the Lord is with me and will bless us to successfully open this new area and find his lost sheep.

Élder Bender

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