Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Buenos Días!

September 8, 2014
Buenos Días!
Last Monday and Tuesday we were in Santa Cruz for Leadership Council Meetings.  It was really great and I learned a lot about Charity.  President Willard shared that Charity really is a gift of the Spirit, and that is a gift that the Lord gives to the faithful and worthy who ASK for it in prayer.  He taught that it isn´t something that one develops like a skill, but more that through charitable acts we make ourselves more WORTHY to receive the the gift of Charity.
Last week our Ward Mission Leader gave us a reference of a 26 year old man named Alberto (Beto). We went with him and taught the guy and taught him the Restoration but he had a lot of doubts.  We invited him to pray with full confidence that if he really prayed he would receive an answer from God.  Tuesday while we were still in Santa Cruz he called us and asked us to come by and visit him as soon as possible.  When I hung up the phone I said to my companion, ¨It was Beto, he prayed.¨  We knew right then and there the Lord was working miracles in our area even when we were 300 miles away in Santa Cruz.  As soon as the plane touched ground we booked it over to his house with Fernando Castillo (recent convert who was baptized 3 week ago) and had a POWERFUL lesson.  He accepted to be baptized on the 27th of this month, and came to church with us for 3 hours and loved it.  A true testimony that when ANYONE asks God with faith, He answers.
Wednesday we had an exchange and Elder Mori taught with me in our area.  It went really well and its always good to be in exchanges to give your all in every conversation you hold and every lesson you teach.  We taught 7 super spiritual lessons.  
I am super grateful for the chance I have to be the witness of so many miracles, and to give 100% of my time and talents to God in his marvelous work. 
Élder Bender

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