Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The best 2 years

March 16, 2015
Good day to ya'll

Tuesday I went and dropped off a few missionaries at the airport who'd finished their full time missions.  Amongst the group was Elder Shumway, a good buddy I made on the mission, and also Elder Oliart, my trainer.  It was fun that he could be my first companion, and I could be in a way, "His last companion" sending him home.  He helped me a lot and we learned a lot together.  He taught me to work HARD in the sun, and we did!  I owe a lot to him.

Elder Butts my companion is great.  He is humble and always looking for ways to improve.  He teaches with love, and I admire that.  

Wednesday and Friday mornings I went with the other 3 secretaries in the back of a flat bed truck to go pick up the materials from the houses that closed.  The closing and opening of areas requires a lot of preparation!  However it also provides us with the opportunity to tour the city in the back of a truck.  It resulted in some fun pictures and videos.

Veronica is doing great, she is learning a lot about the repentance process as she prepares to be baptized.  Please pray for her that she can make that baptismal covenant this weekend!

Carlos is a new investigator who came to church like 10 weeks ago, and then disappeared, he showed up again this Sunday and we have a visit with him today.  Hoping for lots of progress there too!

Love ya'll!

Élder Bender

                                        Saying Goodbye to Elder Oliart, my trainer, in the airport :(

                                                                     The lunch crew.
Driving around in the truck going to pick up materials! 
                                   Happy as can be!  Going to pick up material.  Sweatband included.
                                       A face full of wind, and a wind full of smiles.  With Elder Juarez 

                                           With the goodies!  Thank you Family and Grandma Huyett

                                    Dropping off Elder Shumway.  His last Bolivian Burger King supper.  

                                               Bowling with my companion Elder Butts one p-day.

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