Monday, March 9, 2015


This weekend Elder Balderrama came to our stake conference.  It was amazing.  I find a thrill and a special spiritual boost every time I learn and feel the need to repent.  To change.  I know the gospel of Christ is a gospel of change.  May we all change daily to become more like Him.

I had my eyes opened in the priesthood session of stake conference (which I might add had about 40 priesthood holding members in attendance, and 28 missionaries) as we opened the scriptures to D&C 84:33.  There is truly power in the priesthood and great blessings that await the family as the head of the family honors the priesthood of God.

Today in my personal study I learned a lot about Christ's love.  The Master and Creator of the world felt a true joy as he looked upon the praying saints in the Americas in 3 Nephi 19:25-30.  As the scripture says he ¨smiled at them¨ for their obedience. 

Why has God given us the capability to smile?  Christ shows us that it's a way to show contentment, and lift the faith of others.  I truly believe that as we smile and let our "light shine" we will lift the faith of others.  We will be representatives of Jesus Christ, and we will be guided by the spirit to know how to minister to those feeble in spirit.  It's our duty, if we don´t smile and serve, who will?

I love my Savior.  I want to make Him smile.


Élder Bender

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