Monday, February 9, 2015

Not so less active


It's something really special to see the gospel of Christ change people's lives.  

This week I participated in a zone conference with President Willard where he taught about the Doctrine of Christ.  It was so great, there have been few times where I have felt the spirit so strongly.  I learned that EVERY Christlike attribute is present in the true doctrine of Christ.  

It's intriguing how in any scripture ANYWHERE, you can see how the doctrine of Christ really is in the heart of why it was written.

I firmly know that the Gospel/Doctrine of Jesus Christ is a clear path that guides us towards an eternal joy.  

It's been a pleasure to see David and Mari Pardo really apply the Doctrine of Christ in their lives.  They are so lively and excited about each gospel principle and really strive to put these principles into their daily lives.  It's safe to say that David is not so less active=)

We also have been teaching Luis, a 39 year old less active returned missionary.  He hadn`t been active for more than 10 years, but with all enthusiasm he is doing all he can to LIVE the Doctrine of Christ on a daily basis.  It's safe to say that Luis is not so less active now either:)

I invite you all to truly strive to live the Doctrine of Christ.  As you study it you'll feel the guidance of the Holy Ghost showing you in how you can better live the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

-Elder Bender

Pictures are from last week's baptism of Yonnathan and Paola Espanda and Mari Pardo.

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