Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let Us Join Him

January 19, 2015

Hello family and friends,

We had transfers this week!  What does that mean for Elder Bender?  Waking up at 4am to send people to the airport to go to Tarija, staying up until 3am to drop people off in the airport to go home, organizing who goes where with whom, Cinnabon, renting buses, paying off taxi´s,  planning the next 6 weeks with President Willard, the meetings he´ll have, when, where, with whom etc., oh, and baptizing.  How I love baptizing!

Yolanda made the decision to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized.  She's the best!  Honestly I have never seen someone so fearless to throw themselves in the water!  It was a spiritually powerful yet short service.  Short n´sweet.  Tatiana also gave a great talk about her conversion process and relationship with the Holy Ghost at the service.  (Tatiana is Yolanda´s daughter.  She was taught and baptized 2 months ago.)

Saturday in the heat of day we also did a service for an elderly lady in our ward with our bishop.  The lady had a bunch of garbage, gravel, and sand on her roof.  It was causing leaks in the house.  Well needless to say, now she doesn't!

God often has other plans that we do, however I know that when He does His weekly planning He has our best interest and spiritual well being at the top of his list.

Christ lives, THERE ARE people who want to come to Him.  We had 10 non-members in church yesterday, He is hastening His work, Let us join Him.

Élder Bender

                                                              The baptism!  Yolanda
                                                     With my companion when I was all wet

                                                                  my comp cleaning the font

                                                         I fell playing soccer - battle wound

                                         Me running the show as Pedro ties down some suitcases.

                                              we cleaned the house, there was a lot of trash

                                                                     new years hats
                                                    the airport AKA my second home

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