Monday, January 12, 2015

2 for 1

January 12, 2015

Last week for some reason my general email didn't get sent.  This week ya`ll deserve a ¨two-fer¨.

However I am in THE WORST internet cafe in the entire world so who knows how good this`ll turn out.  Groan.

Well I`ll start off here:  Do you remember Tatiana?  The sister I baptized with Elder Trinidad in El Fuerte?  Well, she moved with her family to MY NEW WARD!  How cool is that?  She is doing great, she was baptized on the 22nd of November and has already read the entire triple combination.  Book of Mormon, D&C, and Pearl of Great Price.  Best of all, her mom Yolanda was really moved when she came to Tatiana's baptism in El Fuerte and began studying the Book of Mormon a lot more seriously, oh yeah, and she read it all!  She isn't baptized yet either.  However she will be the newest member of the restored church of Christ this Saturday at 8:00PM, bring your family and friends! 

Honestly, it was just a tender mercy of the Lord.  He is so conscious of the needs of His children and I know it is no random happen-stance that I have served in these two areas to help change this family.  Nor is it a coincidence that they have been able to help me trust more than ever in the Book of Mormon and come even closer to God.

Miracles exist. 

Anyone can come unto Christ and feel His love and forgiveness.  He offers it freely to everyone.

Elder Bender

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