Saturday, April 19, 2014


April 14, 2014
Hello everyone! =)

What a great week to be a full time representative of our Savior!  I am blessed.

Well on Tuesday we had a multi Zone Conference with President Willard and it was amazing!  He is the best, we always are spiritually filled when he speaks.  He spoke about Faith and trusting in the Lord especially when we can't see the whole picture.  It was great=)  

There were so many instances this week when I had to walk by faith!  A tiny example is Sunday morning we went to the house of some less actives to bring them to church for the first time in years, and they live REALLY FAR AWAY!  An area that I don´t know very well, but I was guided by the spirit as we beat through a jungled over forest to get to the church!  (Where they live there aren´t micro´s or anything to take us there, so we walked, or MARCHED through  jungle to get to church, but we made it!)  I really felt guided by the spirit in that instance.  

Something random, we were teaching a lesson like two weeks ago, and I was testifying about the Book of Mormon, and all of a sudden two monkeys showed up and were screaming at us!  They were like two feet away from me screaming super loud!  It was nuts!  haha, That's Bolivia for yah!

So on Wendnesday we taught Bismark, and we had taught all the lessons and he had the 3 church attendances he needed, so we gave him the opportnuity to move his baptism from the 19th, to the 12th.  He also jumped out of his seat because he was so excited to be able to get baptized even sooner!  On Saturday we held his baptismal service and it was one of the most spiritual services I have had.  I felt so blessed and just overwhelmed with joy as I stood in that freezing cold water (and it's been reallllly cooold these past few days) and raised my arm to the square and baptized a man who I love with all I have=)
Yesterday Bismark Guzman Received the Gift of the Holy Ghost AND the Aaronic priesthood=)  It was a beautiful day=)

SUCH AN AMAZING TIME IT IS IN WHICH WE LIVE!  We are living in the last days and I KNOW God is preparing His children for the second coming of the Savior.  I can see it every day!  I hope we ALL are doing all we can to not ¨Sleep through the Restoration¨ =)

Élder Bender

                                                                Bismark's Baptism!

                         I designed every inch of these scripture cases that I bought!  They are cool!

                                    Sopa lyfee!  Made soup and french fries with my companion!

                                                                     Elder Penaranda

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