Saturday, April 19, 2014

Betsy's Buckwild Baptism!

March 24, 2014
Sorry about the title, I couldn't resist! ;)

YES!  This week Betsy Oporto entered the fold=)  She is so awesome!  Her testimony is so strong!  She told us that she is 100% positive with her decision to be baptized and doesn´t have a single doubt.  After the baptism we gave her time to bare her testimony, she explained her excitement to endure to the end and stay active in the church throughout her whole life!  She really has caught the importance of that concept, Preseverar Hasta El Fin!  

Also this week Élder Grow from the 70 came and evaluated the mission.  He also held a mega multi zone conference where there were 190 missionaries present!  (Out of the 270 in the Mission) It was really amazing.  It opened up my eyes in how I can be a more effective missionary.  He focused what he taught on two principles, Personal Revelation, and Chapter 8 from PMG.  It was really amazing. The Spirit was SOOO STRONG!  I could feel that every one of those 190 missionaries were so hungry to go out and change the world after he finished speaking.  It was fantastic!  
One thing I loved that he taught that you all can apply in your daily lives as well, is a little something about goal setting.  Often times we set goals in what we BELIEVE we can achieve, however many times God has much Higher standards or higher goals set for us.  He invited us to turn to our Father in a kneeling prayer and seek personal revelation to learn of the Goals our Father in Heaven has set.

This week we have been blessed once more to see many miracles, I truly feel blessed.  Also the 19th was Father's Day here in Bolivia and it was my first Father's day to spend with my ¨hijo¨!  Haha we had a good time joking around about that =)

Happy Bolivia Father's Day to Everyone!

I love you all!
Élder Bender

                                                                Betsy's Baptism

                                                      A member gave me a ton of bananas!

                                                                Bieber in Bolivia!

  This ice-cream store called Vaca Fria is right next door to the mail office.  So, it's a tradition to get ice-cream when you send letters!  Best ice-cream in Santa Cruz=)

                                                                  Elder Penaranda
                                                                    Elder Bender

Downtown in the first ring, right by where we go to mail letters (like an hour away from our house).  Santa Cruz is a city broken up into like 9 rings.  The first ring is the center of it all , or downtown.  The first 4 rings are paved.  We live outside ALL of the rings, super far!  This type of civilization only sister missionaries enjoy!

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