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The Best Christmas Present!

December 30, 2013

Hello everyone!
I had a great week and Christmas here in Samaría!

On Christmas Eve I received the best Christmas gift ever! There is a Sister named Cintia Vaca who we has been attending church off and on for 2 months. However we have had a hard time finding her and teaching her! When we taught her in the past it's been at a member's home, but often times she didn't show up to our appointments and didn't answer her phone when we called. We got some super crummy directions to her house, and she lives really far away! We went before and spent a good 2 hours searching for her without success. On Christmas Eve we went to find her house again, and we just followed the spirit rather than our crummy directions, and BOOM! We saw her kids playing outside, and they helped us find her house! We then met her boyfriend, and sat down and taught a lesson to the whole family. (4 kids and the Parents) The Boyfriend, Pedro, explained to us how he has been wanting to change his life, and he has a desire to get married to Cintia! We have set a date for their wedding and baptism for this up coming month! It was the best BEST BEST gift I could ever get!
It's amazing to me how much the Lord is preparing people for us! We only have to go out and search for them!

On Christmas Eve here they go nuts with fireworks! Especially at midnight on Christmas eve its like there is a war going on outside! It sure is a lot different than the Christmas I am used to! On Christmas Eve in the evening we went to our Branch President's house and had dinner with them. We are BBQ beef, sasauge, and rice with cheese! A tradition here during Christmas time is to eat this cake called Panettone. It's like a fruitcake. It's pretty good!

Another awesome part of this week was we went to visit Familia Camacho. The Family of Belinda, the first person I baptized. It was super cool to see that they are still super excited about going to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity as a family=) There is a HUGE difference in that family now ever since we taught them and since Belinda was baptized. The father who wanted nothing to do with the church when I first met him, now is doing everything he can to help his family get to the temple, and is paying tithing, and just has changed completely. He is such a spiritual guy now! I am so happy for that family=) Also I gave Belinda one of the Haz lo Justo rings that Aunt Sarah sent me! She LOVES it! The people here don't have much at all, especially extra things like jewlery, so it made her day! =)

Man, I am loving it here though! It's fantastic! My companion and I have gotten super close these past two weeks, which has been a great blessing! He wants to study at BYUI with me after the mission! He's a champion! We have a ton of fun, and work super hard! It's the best combo! =)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I love you all tons and tons!
Élder Bender

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