Saturday, December 7, 2013

Last Letter From Columbia!

November 16, 2013
Wow it has been awesome this past week and a half!
My Companion is Elder Suarez. He is from Baranquia Columbia and he is awesome. He's a pretty shy guy at first, but extremely powerly in lessons. He is the only member in his family, and just had his 24th birthday on Sunday. I gave him that tie that was still in the box, remember Mom? Elder Suarez knows no english whatsoever. It's really funny for me right now, because my whole life of being around hispanics they speak spanish when they don't want me to know what they are saying, and now me and all the other gringos can speak english and no one understands! It's hilarious how the tables have turned. I feel my spanish is getting so much better being around Latinos all the time.
Normally when they make a new district they call a new district leader. For some reason or another I got called AGAIN, and I was the only old leader to get called again, but I did! Being District leader is pretty cool, a lot harded now that it's all in Spanish, but I love it still. Plus it forces me to speak more because I teach district meetings. Anyway, its a good thing.
So, I think I leave for Bolivia Monday night at like midnight, but I don't have a schedule yet. It's been awesome here in Bogota, I love the city and the people, and I definately am going to miss it. However I am excited to go to Bolivia too!
I was supposed to have PDAY yesterday but we didn´t because a member of the 70 came, Elder Mestre. He is an amazing man. Hes only 40 or 41, has been a mission president in Spain, and is already a member of the seventy. Mark my words, he is going to be the first latino Apostle. He spoke about the importance of not only the HACER, (or the to DO) in missionary work, but also the SER (the to BE). His testimony of missionary work is so powerful. It was a cool experience. Another major highlight of this week was going to the temple twice! The first time was on Wendnesday, and it was my companion, Elder Suarez`s, first time going through the temple! It was such a neat experience being his escort, I loved that and will treasure that moment forever.
Also, this week we got to go out proselyting again, and our `golden contact` was with an old lady from Ecuador. We talked with her for 20 minutes at the fountain in the middle of a outdoor shopping strip. She was so interested in the Plan of Happiness and wanted her grandkids to grow up in the gospel. She had been so prepared, it was a great expereience.

Well a teacher is telling me to get off now, Sorry it's so short! Enjoy the pics from the Cathedral del Sal!

I love you all!
Èlder Bender

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