Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Columbia MTC

I made it to the CCM in Columbia safely!  It was a crazy long day of traveling and I definitely experience some culture shock when we arrived in Bogota.  I heard more sirens in 10 minutes in Bogota than I had in a year in Vista!  It's awesome here, everything is so different.  President y Hermana Dyer are super nice, I love them. The teachers here had us teach a mini lesson to them en espanol for a few minutes just so they could see where we are at.  After that they pulled me back for much more interviewing and they decided they wanted to send me to my mission in 8 days!  They figured I will be prepared enough to leave that soon BUT then they found out no one is going to my mission until 4 weeks from now, and I can't travel alone... So looks like I am stuck here! Oh well, I like it here, and I am companions with Elder Gubler who is a brand new gringo who knows no spanish at all (he came straight here and hadn't gone to Provo) The Latino Elders here are awesome!  So funny.  I feel my Spanish has improved since I've been here and I haven't even had a class yet.  I just speak it a lot in everyday things.  I am loving it!  On Saturday we are going out into the city and going to go contacting for 2 hours.  It will be sweet!  It will be hard with a brand new Companion, but it will just make me work that much harder.  I am having a lot of fun!  Thanks for your prayers, I am going to need all the prayers I can get to stay healthy running on so little sleep and being in a different country eating different food.  So far the food has been good though!  Different but good :)
I love you all so much!
-Elder Bender
ps.  its so weird typing English on a Spanish keyboard, it says everything is spelled wrong... haha 

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